Sunday, October 30, 2011

It's been a really long time!

I can not believe it has been over a year since I last updated this blog. I suppose now with Facebook, I keep everyone updated there now. It has been a very fast and wonderful year for sure filled with so much I am not sure where to start.
I guess I will start with Megan, she is amazing! She turned 8 years old in June and is now in the 3rd grade. It still amazes me how quickly she has grown up. She is a straight A student, at the end of second grade she was reading at a 5th grade level and this year she is just doing amazing in school. She does dance twice a week, ballet and jazz, which she loves. She is also continuing on with Brownies, which I am a leader of her troop. She is just an amazing young lady who is growing up so incredibly fast.
Mike & I are doing well. Mike graduated back in December 2010 with his MBA from NC State. We were so happy for him to be done with that, of course work picked up quite a all that extra time at home I thought he would have was gone! But no complaining here, we are very thankful that Mike has a wonderful job that he enjoys and provides us so much. We actually did quite a bit of traveling this year. We took a few days away just the two of us to Key West, FL in March 2011 and although it was a disaster getting there (long story), the days we were there were wonderful! We then made it up to Buffalo in May for my very good friends wedding. It was so wonderful to spend time with my friends and see two beautiful people get married, but the weekend went by way too fast! In July we were able to go to Las Vegas with Mike's work conference and it was fantastic!!!! A fabulous adult week away with the kids at home with my parents!!! It was amazing!!!
Just a few weeks ago we took a fabulous family vacation to Disney World. We stayed at the Polynesian Resort right in Magic Kingdom and it was beyond fantastic!!!! We all had such a great time. The kids did amazing and made memories to last a lifetime for sure! I have included some pictures below!
Now as for Mr. Michael! Well, can I just say, the kid can eat!!! Yes, I said it and I finally mean it!! After spending 5 difficult years trying to get this kid to eat and be willing to try new things, everything has just come together and he actually likes to eat!!!! We started feeding therapy again this summer with our favorite speech therapist Laura, and she has been amazing. He had a lot of week muscle tone in his mouth and just did not chew efficiently. It took him almost 3 times as long to chew up a piece of food as it does you or I, so he would get tired or bored easily and not want to eat...well, after lots of therapy, he is doing amazing! He is actually up to about 37 lbs now, which for a kid who hated to eat for all these years and was only 4 lbs at birth, I say that is pretty amazing! We also restarted his prevacid for reflux, so that has made a big difference as well. Just over all Michael is doing amazing! His speech has come so far, it is just amazing!
Michael was in the pre-k class at the elementary school last year, and although he could of started kindergarten this year, we decided to hold him back a year. Just give him that extra time to catch up and really be able to succeed in school. Thankfully, we were able to get him a spot in the pre-k program again this year at the elementary school and he is doing fantastic! He is really matured and come out of his shell and the teachers are just blown away by how much he has improved since last year. It makes me feel so good knowing I made the right decision for him. All he needed was more time, and that is exactly what we gave him! Now he talks non stop sometimes and eats all the time, who is this kid and what happened to Michael? LOL!!!
On to the medical front. He sees his urologist once a year and at the last visit in April everything looked fantastic! His kidney is beautiful (he only has one) and functioning perfectly!!! We will continue to go to the urologist once a year just to make sure everything continues on the same road just to be safe. He also sees the Orthopedic doctor once a year to check his scoliosis, and everything is stable, even with these growth spurts he has had over the past couple years, so that is wonderful news! He sees his GI doctor every six months, and we go next month. They just want to monitor his growth and see how the reflux is doing.

Now on to the serious front with his cardiologist. Now lets remember that Michael had 2 open heart surgeries and 3 cardiac catheterizations before he was 1 years old....that was 4 years ago already. We go to the cardiologist every 6 months and are so used to hearing the same story after Michael gets his echo done, "everything looks great, see you in 6 months"....well, that wasn't the case in July at our last visit. When Dr Milazzo pulls out the markers and starts to draw diagrams to explain things to you, its never a good sign. Essentially, Michael is growing so great, that his pulmonary artery can't keep up with his growth. It's a double edge sword, you want him to grow, but he is growing so much that his artery cant keep up. So right now he is getting too much blood flow into his right lung, which over time will cause damage to Michael's lungs and we want to avoid that. So Michael has to head back to the cath lab in the coming months to open up that artery, either by angioplasty or placing a stent in there. We go back on December 2nd and will find out more then. We knew that these were the issues we were going to face with Michael, but it still isn't easy hearing it.
So please keep Michael in your prayers for continued growth, health and healing and for his upcoming cath. I will try to update this more often!


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